Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Fullerton List: Express Company 010, The American Express Company, Type 2s

This post is part of a continuing series on Richard Fullerton's 1952 Catalog of Railroad Company, Street Railway & Express Company Printed Cancellations on the 1898 U. S. Revenues.

Examples of the cancels, when available, are posted.

Express Company 010: The American Express Company, Type 2s

Type 2:  Two lines of plain type block type all caps 2.75mm high.  Initials are 18mm long.  Dates are 2.5mm high.  Date 189 is 5mm long.  1900 is 7mm long and 1901 is 6.5mm long.  Date 189 is 2.75mm below initials and dates 1900 and 1901 are 2mm below initials.  All date figure "1"s are serifed.  Normally without vertical rectangular periods.  There are varieties of spacing.  Last figure of the year 189 is usuall added by pen. 

Varieties listed below combine those from the main section of the Fullerton list and those from the addendum at the back, with a bit of re-ordering:

Basic varieties by year date:

1ct  Pale Blue       a.  Date 189     (1)  Roulette
                                                    (2)  HH
                            b.  Date 1900   (2)  HH
                            c.  Date 1901   (2)  HH

a. (1)
189  roulette

a. (2)
189  HH

b.  (2)
1900 HH

c. (2)
1901 HH

Below are the varieties of the basic cancels above listed by Fullerton.  There are many other varieties known and many have already been posted on this site nearly a year and a half ago.  I will let those older posts stand as examples of many of the possible varieties of the types below for now, and will return to this area when the time comes to put together a revision of Mr. Fullerton's list.  However, included below are two major unlisted varieties:

Varieties of a., 189 year date:

1ct Pale Blue          as. (1)  Large square periods AM, roulette
                                   (3)  Small square periods AM, roulette
                                   (5)  Horizontal rectangular period after EX, roulette
                                   (7)  No period after CO, roulette
                                   (8)  No period after CO, HH
                                   (9)  No period after EX, roulette

Varieties of b., 1900 year date:

1ct Pale Blue          bs.  (2)  No period after CO, HH
                                    (4)  Diagonal period, square, after CO. HH

1900 invert, unlisted

Varieties of c., 1901 year date:

1ct Pale Blue         cv.  (2)  Invert

1901 doubled, unlisted

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