Insurance Agents

Insurance companies and agents used millions of 1898 documentary revenue stamps, in particular, the 1/2 cent, 4, 40 and 80 cent stamps, though their cancels may be found on every value in the documentary series.  This page, and its sister page Insurance Companies, include a list of cancels posted on this website.  You are invited to browse the links below and view the scans of canceled stamps.  

The US 1898 War Revenue Law taxed insurace policies as follows:

Life Insurance: Policy of insurance...upon life or lives, for each one hundred dollars or fractional part thereof, eight cents on the amount insured: Provided, That on all policies, for life insurance only, issued on the industrial or weekly payment plan of insurance, the tax shall be forty per centum of the amount of the first weekly premium.  Fraternal and cooperative societies providing insurance-type programs were exempt from these taxes.

Marine, Inland & Fire Insurance: Each policy ... upon property of any description ... whether against peril by sea or inland waters, or by fire or lightning, upon the amount of premium charged [shall be taxed] one-half of one percent on each dollar or fractional part thereof.

Casualty, Fidelity & Guarantee Insurance: Each policy of insurance ... of the nature of indemnity for loss, damage or bond or obligation...transacting the business of accident, fidelity, employer's liability, plate glass, steam boiler, burglary, elevator, automatic sprinkler ... and each bond undertaking or recognizance, conditioned for the performance of any office...or guaranteeing titles to real estate or mercantile credits...[taxed] one half of one cent on each dollar or fractional part thereof.

The following list of links includes insurance agents, both those dedicated to specific insurance companies and mostly, those operating independently and selling the policies of multiple insurance companies.  This list includes but a small fraction of the insurance agents operating during the 1898 tax period.  There were likely thousands of agents selling policies, so collecting and identifying these cancels can provide a philatelist with a lifetime project.  As such, this list of links is a work in progress, and will be added to as new material is posted and as your editor thinks to append this list.

Avery & Pendleton, Brooklyn, NY

Barbee & Castleman, Louisville, Kentucky

A. E. Barrows Co., Connersville, Indiana

Beach & Sweet, Providence, Rhode Island

Bennett, Hutchinson & Company, Evansville, Indiana

J. J. Benson, Detroit

Benswanger & Hast, Pittsburgh

Birckhead & Son, Baltimore

J. J. Boatwright & Son Insurance, Wilmington, NC

H. J. Bowell & Company, Merrill, Wisconsin

Briggs Carson, Tifton, Georgia

L. Burge, Hayes & Co., Boston

Butler & Haldan, San Francisco

Callender & Co., Peoria, IL

Campbell & Kellner, Buffalo

Silas Chapman, Hartford, CT

Chubb & Son, New York

Frank A. Colley, Boston

Dockery & Co., Waco, TX

Ducat & Lyon, Chicago

W. T. Durand, Milwaukee

Edwards & Kenney, Pittsburg

Ellison, Coolidge & Company, Boston

Ferguson & Wallace, Saginaw, MI

Firman & Webb, Rochester, NY

J. W. Fitzgerald & Co., Little Falls, NY

Walter Fowler, West Superior, WI

Frederick K. Gaston, New York

Gentle & Ludwig, Houlton, Maine

Charles L. Gove, Albany, NY

Heeman, Kranz & Co., Toledo, OH

Holyoke & Russell, Marlboro, Mass

G. Ph. Hunkel & Son, Milwaukee

James F. Hurt, Tazewell, VA

Jerome Ingalls, Lynn, Mass

Judd & Parsons, Holyoke, Mass

W. H. Kirke, Cleveland, Ohio

Thomas B. Knight & Co, Lynn, Mass

J. H. Leiding, Cincinnati, OH

Libby & Hussey, Portland, Maine

H. C. Little & Son, Lewiston, Maine

Merrill, Dodge & Jackson Company, Toledo, Ohio

Meyst & Coates, Milwaukee

George E. Miller & Co., North Adams, Mass

Charles D. Mill, General Agent for New England Mutual Life

Montgomery & Funkhouser, Chicago

Negley & Flanegin, Pittsburgh

Nicholas G. Norcross, Lowell, Mass

Henry M. North, Augusta, GA

Paton & Wheeler, Bradford, PA

Avery Pendleton, Brooklyn

Phillips & Rebhan, Milwaukee

A. J. Reibling & Son, Rochester, NY

G. Rosenblatt, Portland, Oregon

Lake W. Sanborn, Galesburg, IL

D. D. Sayer, Chickasha, Indian Territory

Schermerhorn & Company, Schenectady, NY

James H. Searles, Rome, NY

Sheafer & Lowrey, Pottsville, PA

Silsbee, Baker & Geer, Lynn, Mass

Snow & Barker, Providence, RI

George L. Story, Portland, OR

Tennis & Greeley, West Superior, WI

Tippett & Baker, Dover, Delaware

L. Van Cleef, Niagara Fallls, New York 

E. A. Van Trump, Wilmington, Delaware

Walke & Son, Norfolk, Virginia

Ed. E. Walker & Co., Covington, KY

Charles H. Webster, Northfield, Mass

Weed & Parker Brothers, St. Paul, MN

T. K. Wilkins, Lima, OH

Woodsworth-Hawley Co., Buffalo

Worthington & Sill, Buffalo

Fred C. Wright, Springfield, Mass

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