Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Fullerton List: Express Company 010, American Express

This post is part of a continuing series on Richard Fullerton's 1952 Catalog of Railroad Company, Street Railway & Express Company Printed Cancellations on the 1898 U. S. Revenues.

Examples of the cancels, when available, are posted.

Express Company 010:  American Express, Type 1s

In May last year this site considered the American Express Company and its cancels.  Here we put those cancels in the order of Mr. Fullerton's catalog.  To start, this post looks at only Mr. Fullerton's type 1s, which include the initial Type 1 and Type 1A from the catalog's addendum.  Both of these cancels are of the serif type from 1898, with Type 1A having the addition of an "8" magenta handstamp.  Fullerton's types include several that consist of additions of handstamps.  In a revised listing of purely printed cancels this kind of mixed listing with handstamped dating should be revisited.

Type 1:  Two lines of ornamental type in caps and lower case letters.  Caps 4.74mm high.  Initials are 16.5mm long.  Date 189 is 2.5mm high, 5.5mm long and 2mm below.  Square periods. Last figure of year usually added by pen.

1ct   Pale Blue          a.  Dated 189   (1)  roulette

Type 1A:  Same as Type 1 with the addition of a heavt "8".  6.0mm high handstamped at the end of the printed date 189, in magenta ink.

1ct  Pale Blue            a.  Date 189(8)    (1)  roulette

Type 1A,  1ct Pale Blue a. (1)

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