Stock Brokers

In September 2011, we began on this site an open study and review of cancels made by stock brokers on 1898 series revenue stamps.  The search for and research on these stamps is an ongoing project.  Yet there have already been many posts on this subject to date.  Below are series of links to areas of this site:  at the top are links to overview "posts" on the subject.  Below those are links to posts on specific stock brokers and their cancels. 

I have generally found that the majority of handstamp cancels on the dollar value "commerce" stamps of the 1898 series were made by stock brokers and bankers in New York.  An 1897 publication, "King's Views of the The New York Stock Exchange", is singularly valuable in helping to identify and begin basic tracing of many of the cancels on the dollar value stamps.  To learn about this volume and reach a link to a PDF file of the book, click on the link immediately below:


Some posts focus on series of stamps cancelled by many firms.  An example are post(s) on the executives of the New York Stock Exchange.  Those posts are immediately below:


The majority of posts on this subject are on the firms and their cancels.  Below are links directly to pages on this site of those firms.  As some brokers have a history of more than one post on this site, multiple links are possible.  See Ladenburg, Thalman, for example.

A. A. Housman & Company
Frederick W. Perry
G. Edward Graff & Company
George B. Hopkins & Company
George H. Holt & Company
George P. Butler & Brother
George S. Hendrickson
Goldsmith, Wolf & Company
Groesbeck & Sterling
Gustav Sidenberg & Kraus
Halle & Stieglitz
Halle & Stieglitz
Halsey & Hudnut
Halsted & Hodges
Harris Hutton & Company
Harris & Fuller
Harry L. Horton & Company
Hatch & Foote
Haven & Stout
H. B. Hollins & Company
H. B. Hollins & Company
H. Content & Company
H. I. Nicholas & Company
H. G. Campbell & Company
Henry Allen & Company
Henry Block
Henry Brothers
Henry Clews & Company
Henry P. Goldschmidt & Company
Herzfeld & Stern
Hollister & Babcock
Holmes & Company
Hopkins Brothers
Horace L. Hotchkiss
Howard Lapsley & Company
Hunter, Cooper & Company

I. F. Mead & Company
I. & S. Wormser
Jacob Cahn
James D. Smith & Company
James H. Oliphant & Company
James M. Leopold & Company
James McGovern
Jewett Brothers
J. Hugh Peters & Son
John Bianchi
John H. Davis & Company
John H. Jacquelin & Company
John Hone
Johnson & Wood
Joseph Offenbach
Joshua W. Davis & Company
Keep & Keen