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Bob Hohertz on 1898 Series Stamped Paper: Part 2 - RN X1

Editors Note:  The following explanation and examples of Scott RN-X1, revenue stamped paper, come from Bob Hohertz.

X1. The one-cent rose imprints.

One-cent rose and red imprints were only used by the Pullman Company on parlor car tickets, so far as is known. One did not pay a tax to ride on a train unless it was in a luxury (parlor) car or one used a berth on an overnight trip.

Scott lists one-cent rose imprints as unused, used, and partial. There are two distinct kinds of unused tickets with rose imprints.

Figure 3. This is one of three currently-known unused multi-part tickets with rose imprints.

Figure 4. One of three or four known unused two-part tickets with rose imprints.

I do not know what Scott had in mind for used, but I suspect it would be a portion of a ticket that has substantially the entire imprint present.

Figure 5. There are probably fewer used multi-part tickets that include virtually the whole rose imprint than there are unused ones.

Partial tickets with rose imprints come in three sizes.

Figure 5a. This is what is usually left of a multi-part ticket. This one was used on the last day of the documentary taxes, June 30, 1902. A difficult to find date. Most of the documentary taxes had been repealed as of July 1, 1901, but the taxes on parlor car tickets had not. However, only the multi-part Pullman Company tickets were dated.

Figure 6. This is what the passenger would have retained of a two-part ticket. The ticket on the left has the imprint in the normal orientation, while the one on the right has an imprint that is “inverted” in relation to normal.

Figure 7. There were some multi-station tickets with red imprints. This stub is from one such. No unused copies are known.

X1. The one-cent dark red imprints.

This shade of imprint is only known on two-part Pullman Company tickets. They used it briefly, late in the tax period, so far as I can tell.

Scott does not list dark red as unused, but here is an entire, unused copy.

Figure 8.

Partial copies are not common, either. The surviving used imprints are always on the yellow passenger’s stub, where they tend to look red-orange.

Figure 9.


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  2. Two corrections:

    1) There are now four known unused multi-part tickets with rose imprints.

    2) An unused multi-station ticket with a rose imprint is now known to me, and if I ever revise this section of my review I will post a picture of it.