Thursday, August 12, 2010

Blog Update

The summer is over for the Langlois family.  School has started and I am back at work.  And its time for me to get back on a regular blogging schedule.  As regulars might have noticed, my presence here has been a bit spotty the last few weeks.  But we've all been in great hands.  Frank Sente (who has a short bio on the right side of this page) agreed to guest blog, and he has provided us with great posts.  I hope you like the different flavor of his work on this site as much as I do.  His on-document material is fabulous.  I am particularly fond of the the cigarette pack with the Porto Rico overprinted battelship.  He will continue to post, as will I, offering the site more variety and a fresh perspective.

One highlight of my summer was my chance to attend, albeit briefly, the Minnesota Stamp Expo.  I met Ron Lesher, an ARA Board Member, and Bob Hohertz, the President of the American Revenue Association.  One day this site will publish a series of posts on Emerson Drug Company private dies, printed cancels, and other material, and I saw of wealth of great material from Ron's collection that will help with this task. 

In the coming week I will be posting material sent to me by Bob Hohertz, the publisher of his own revenue stamp website.  Bob's collecting specializations include stamped paper, and since I have little familiarity with this material, I am gratified and happy to have Bob's contribution of this material to the site. 

Thanks to new contributors this site is changing.  And with the vast collecting experience and knowledge of Frank, Bob, Ron, and others to assist, 1898 Revenues should continue to publish interesting posts for the foreseeable future.  Thanks again to Dave Thompson, the original collector/fan/correspondent of this site. 

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