Tuesday, August 31, 2010

BALPEX and ARA Meeting 2010: 1898 Exhibits

BALPEX 2010 occurs this week from September 3 through the 5th.  BALPEX is the annual stamp show of the Baltimore Philatelic Society.  The event includes the annual meeting of the American Revenue Association and 13 revenue exhibits. 

Three of those exhibits include 1898 material, all one-frame exhibits:

The Workhorse of the U.S. Battleship Revenues:  A Study of the One Cent Documentary Issue

"I.R" Overprinted 1898 1c Franklin Postage Stamps:  A Study of the I.R. Overprints of the 1898 1c Franklin Postage Stamp Arranged by the Treasury Department, Including the Production, Production Varieties, Revenue and Postal Use; and the Provisional Overprints of Dr. Kilmer & Company

Revenue Imprinted Parlor Car Tickets 1898 - 1902:  A Comprehensive Look at the Imprinted Parlor Car Tickets of the Spanish American War Period

We'll see what we can do to get some of this material up online in the coming weeks -- I have it on good report that at least two of the exhibitors already contribute to this site.  Good luck to all!

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