Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Whither Varnish?

Several days ago, in this post, I wrote about the varnish square said by Scott to have been placed on some of the green commerce dollar revenues.  I asked if anyone has ever tested the stamps with UV or some other kind of light to see if the varnish shows up.  Dave Thompson did a bit of experimenting at home:

Nothing to report on trying to detect evidence of Varnish Square on the Commerce Dollar Revenue Stamps, also no results found there was evidence that a varish square had existed.

But I only had used stamps to test on, perhaps some of your super rich guys have Mint Never Hinged single, blocks or sheets laying around of say the R194 you could check these out for the rest of us.
  • I tried Short and Long Wave UV light.
  • Strong light at sharp angles front and back of each stamp.
  • Even tried watermarking them front and back.  (They all had sideways watermarks)

Now while Dave might have an issue with not having sheets of mint copies of R194 to test with his highly sophisticated lamps, he did run the stamps he had under the light and found nothing.  So soaking must have removed any trace of varnish from his stamps, with no residue remaining.  This seems strange to me.  Anybody have a few mint stamps to test?

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