Friday, June 10, 2011

St. Louis Southwestern Railway and Adams Express

I haven't started to understand what is happening with these and the Adams Express use of St. Louis Southwestern Railway printed cancels.  But I do understand the Ebay bargain these represent.  A few weeks ago these items presented in a lot of seemingly inconsequential value to collectors.  The printed cancels were hard to see in the lot photo and unmentioned in the description.  The lot went for less than $20.

The group of documents is remarkable.  Each contains a scarce St. Louis Southwestern printed cancel, on an Adams Express document, and further cancelled with an Adams Ex handstamp. 

The consignments do not appear to have ever been carried on the StLSW, as they were received in St. Louis and marked to go to Philadelphia or Richmond.  More on these in a later post...

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