Tuesday, June 7, 2011

R192 Color Changelings?

Following my post from this past week on the so-called varnish square on the green dollar commerce stamps, Dave Thompson sent in a scan of the $2 dollar stamp below.  The stamp has the surcharged numeral of R191, but the stamp is not green.  The color is more like that of R185, the $2 gray.  The varnish square,or the lack of it, is not the issue here.  The big question here is one of color.  How did this stamp get this way?  I might have dismissed Dave's stamp as a one-off chemically induced changeling, with little philatelic significance.  But then I recalled that I might have a similar stamp in my own collection.

Dave Thompson's R191

My R191:

My stamp clearly had the varnish spot.  It appears Dave's did not.  But why are these stamps this color?  I never gave too much thought to the stamp above; it has been in my collection for years.  But now that there are two, this is a bigger deal begging for an answer.

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