Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Washington Subtypes

Dave Thompson sends in this scan of a recent Ebay purchase in which the seller misidentified the stamp type.  Which type do you think this is?

Postage stamp collectors get the triangle types and especially the types of triangle 3 often confused; I would think that it happens even more often in revenue collections. Both the Kilmer illegal provisionals and the officially overprinted IR versions of this 2 cent Washington postage stamp have these identification problems.  The 1898 collector needs to be familiar with the differences between type 3 and 4 especially.

R155's parent stamp type is Scott #267

R155A's parent stamp type is Scott #267

There is a great online resource for making the identification of these stamps simple.  The webiste 1847 USA has a great identifier page that you can find at the link provided.  A screen shot of some of the resources available is attached below:

Thanks to Dave for pointing out this resource.

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