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Abbott Alkaloidal Handstamps and Joyce/Buford Lists

In yesterday's Abbott Alkaloidal post, I mentioned that the Joyce/Buford data contains listings for handstamps for most companies.  The handstamp list was not posted or discussed yesterday.  But last night, Bob Hohertz sent in the scan above of a handstamp cancel from Abbott Alkaloidal.  So I figure it is a good idea to show the J/B handstamp data (UBCJ stands for "Unlisted by Chappell Joyce):

Type H 1               UBCJ                                     
1/8c       DEC 10 1898        Violet    R            
3/8c       DEC 24 1898        Violet    R            
Type H 2               UBCJ                                     
1/4c       FEB 3 1899           Violet    R            
                MAR 14 1900      Violet    R            
3/8c       FEB 3 1899           Violet    R            
                AUG 2 1900         Violet    R            
                AUG 10 1900      Blue       R            
                JAN 29 1901        Violet    HH         
5/8c       SEP 25 1899         Violet    R            
                JAN 18 1900        Violet    R             This is the stamp shown above
                FEB 20 1900         Violet    HH         
                MAR 14 1900      Violet    HH         
                JULY 10 1900       Violet    HH         
                SEP 26 1900         Violet    HH         
                NOV 12 1900      Violet    HH         
1c            APR 7 1900          Violet    R            
                APR 26 1900        Violet    R            
1 1/4c    APR 11 1899        Violet    R            
                JUL 5 1899           Violet    R            
                SEP 12 1899         Violet    R            
                SEP 25 1899         Violet    R             Double
                OCT 26 1899        Violet    R            
                NOV 24 1899      Violet    R            
                JAN 20 1900        Violet    R            
                JAN 26 1900        Violet    R            
                JUN 22 1900        Violet    HH         
                AUG 27 1900      Violet    HH         
                SEP 24 1900         Violet    HH         
                OCT 5 1900          Violet    HH         
                OCT 9 1900          Violet    HH         
                NOV 6 1900         Violet    HH         
                MAY 13 1901      Violet    HH         
2c            NOV 7 1899         Blue       R            
                26-Feb  Violet    R             No Year
2 1/2c    FEB 1 1899           Violet    R            
                APR 17 1899        Blue       R            
                SEP 21 1899         Blue       R            
                JAN 18 1900        Blue       R            
                MAR 14 1900      Blue       R            
                JUN 12 1900        Blue       HH         
                SEP 1 1900           Violet    HH         
                SEP 13 1900         Blue       HH         
                JAN 7 1901          Violet    HH         
5c            SEP 19 1899         Violet    R            
                DEC 20 1899        Blue       R            
                JUN 12 1900        Violet    R            
                JUN 20 1900        Blue       R            
                NOV 5 1900         Violet    R            
As you might know, the website Battleship Revenues is far more authoritative on proprietary handstamps than anything you are ever likely to find on this site, and I recommend that anyone interested in the subject purchase a copy of The Battleship Desk Reference (BDR), or make use of the online database that draws from the BDR.

The Chappell/Joyce list occasionally includes handstamps, as defined originally by Clarence Chappell.  Joyce maintained the same protocol of including the handstamps in his list of companies that printed private dies and printed cancels for the updated 1950s list.  For example, listings for Antikamnia include several handstamp types prior to the listings for printed cancels, such that Chappell/Joyce lists Antikamnia handstamps for types 1 through 4, and does not begin to list printed cancels until type 5.  I have always found this situation very confusing, and apparently, by the time the Joyce/Buford data was put into form, so did its maker find the combined handstamp and printed types confusing.  Hence, the printed cancels in the Joyce/Buford data receive their own type "P" designation, leading to labels of types P1, P2..., and handstamps receive a similar designation with an "H".

As Bob Mustacich has demonstrated at Battleship Revenues, the field of proprietary handstamp cancels is nearly an inexhaustible one for the collector.  These space will look at these cancels on occasion, but not as a matter of regular practice.

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