Saturday, April 9, 2011

Southern Missouri & Arkansas Railway Manuscript Cancels

Over a month ago I received an Ebay lot that I had bid on due to the presence of two printed cancels of the St. Louis, Iron Mountain, and Southern Railway.  As I examined the lot of stamps that I removed from an old and browned glassine, I realized that many of the stamps had probably been in the envelope, or at least grouped together, for awhile.  There was a theme to the cancels, specifically Missouri.  Not only were the printed cancels there, but I also found Cape Girardeau cancels and three manuscript cancels:

manuscrip cancels

As single stamps, I might have never identified these cancels.  Due their grouping, it is fairly clear what SM&A stands for.

There is little information that I can find about this railroad, though I will keep looking.  It was folded into the Frisco, and had a clock tower in Cape Girardeau.  The town of Cape Girardeau seems to link the stamps in the little packet I received.

Incidentally, Cape Girardeau is one of those northern points on the Mississippi where my ancestors (French settlers) established themselves. 

H. A. A.

These stamps were included in the packet with the SM&A Railway cancelled stamps above.  I do not know the name of HAA.

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