Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Some Additional Notes on Redemption of Spanish American War Imprints

In an earlier blog I discussed the fact that imprinted checks sent in to the IRS in 1901 for rebate of the tax were not returned until sometime in mid 1902 at the earliest. I also expressed interest in finding an example of a check with a redeemed imprint used in the last half of 1902, but should have looked carefully through my own collection before expressing that wish.

The check shown above is dated October 19, 1902. It bears the typical punch indicating that the imprint had been redeemed. There is also a December, 1902 example in my collection. Does anyone have one dated earlier than October?

Bank drafts with redeemed imprint punches are uncommon at best. Most banks would not have wanted to tie up a supply of drafts at the IRS for months. The example below, number 136, was used in 1908. Either the Royal National Bank did not use many drafts, or possibly they decided to use up an older supply when they needed to alter the secondary bank at lower left. Either way, this is an unusual item.

When looking through my collection for 1902 uses it occurred to me to look for the latest use of a redeemed check I could find. 1908 seemed to be the latest until I ran into the one below, dated May 10, 1924. Samuel Makin apparently did not write many checks, and he was a pretty faithful customer of the Sellersville National Bank over some 23 years.

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