Wednesday, January 5, 2011

R164 Layout Dot on the "C" of CENTS

Will we ever escape Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railway cancelled stamps?  Here are three more, cancelled over a 10 month period from April 1900 to February 1901, but with an interesting plate anomaly.  The black arrows are placed to call your attention to the lower right section of the "C" in CENTS.  In each case there is a prominent mark or layout dot  in the letter.  The three stamps have very different shades, and were likely purchased for use by the LS&MS over the 10 month period in which the stamps were used, demonstrating persistence in the use of this plate and this plate variety.

The January 2, 2011 posted copy of R164 also has this same layout mark

Last year at this time I was writing to you from Diani, on the south coast of Kenya.  Now I am writing to you from Kilifi, on Kenya's north coast.  This is a great place to spend the new year: hot, sunny and lots of quiet beach.  No snow! 

The view from the back porch this morning.

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