Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cancel for January 27: Live Poultry Transportation Company

L.P.T. CO.

Bob Hohertz illustrated a post on January 11 with an on-check use of this cancel.  This stamp comes from the calendar that is being posted this month.

By 1897, the Live Poultry Transportation Company had over 200 rail cars for shipping live birds.

The cars were able to be set low on their wheels as the payload was relatively light, enabling greater space for carrying birds.  Note the wire mesh sides.  The wind of the moving train must have ruffled their feathers.

From Bob Hohertz' LPT draft showing birds in cages, in which the cages themselves have wings.  I guess the company wasn't satisfied that the then modern technology of railroading provided enough imagery to create a branding logo.  Instead, the birds are presented as passive, flightless things inside cages that have wings.

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