Friday, January 28, 2011

2 Cent Documentary Calendar: Third Year of Use

This is the third of three posts on the 2 cent documentary battleship calendar in which all 36 months of the calendar are posted. This post involves the third year of primary use of these stamps, from July 1900 to June 1901.

As I wrote in a previous post, I do not know who was the orginal compiler of this calendar.  It is extremely disappointing that I will likely never know and certainly will never speak with its original builder.  The source of the stamps, the time spent, the identification of certain cancels are all questions I would like to have answered. 

One aspect of a website like this is the ability to share the knowledge of collectors, not just with regard to philatelic knowledge but the history and legacies of the hobby.  Yes, we all see in auction catalogs and sales of one kind or another the comments ex-Joyce, ex-Lilly, etc., but the ongoing thoughts of collectors  are not contained in these "ex-s".  There is so much that has been lost.  But with use of the web, those so inspired can help address this hemorraghing of information. 

Further, there are many cancels in this calendar, initials in particular, for which I cannot trace any origin.  Sometimes serendipity occurs, and someone like Bob Hohertz posts a Venice Transport Company check with the initials HVG.  And then I know the source of the HVG, Treasurer cancels in this calendar.  I encourage collectors to look through these calendar pages and help decipher certain initial cancels.  For example, while I am fairly certain that the C.P. cancels from Cleveland in this calendar are those of the Canadian Pacific, what company is represented by the C.P. cancels from Omaha, Nebraska?

July 1900 to June 1901 calendar:

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