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The Fullerton List: Railroads 05 to 15

On Saturday, September 11, 2010, this site introduced Richard Fullerton's list of printed cancels on 1898 series documentary revenue stamps.  Fullerton numbered the companies that used these cancels by fives, with the first company in the list, the Burlington and Missouri River Railroad in Nebraska, numbered RR5. The subsequent two companies, the Chicago, Burlington & Kansas City Railway and Chicago, Burlington & Northern Railroad are numbered as RR10 and RR15, respectively.   

All the railroads in this post were a part of the Burlington railroad family.  The Burlingtons used printed cancels for many of their railroads.

This post begins an effort to breakown the list by railroad.

RR005:  The Burlington & Missouri River Railroad in Nebraska

From the historical information at the back of Fullerton's catalog:  Chartered 12 May 1869.  Operated from Pacific Junctions west to Kearney, Nebraska in 1870.  Purchased the Omaha & Southeastern RR August 1, 1871.  856 miles of rail consolidated into the CB&QRR (RR020) in 1880.

Fullerton lists a single type:  Two lines of plain block type, all caps 2.x mm high; RR initials 24mm long; line of 19 dots 26mm long; "IN NEB" 14.5mm long.  Lines of type 10.5mm apart.  RR initials and dots 7.5mm apart.  Periods normally square. 

1c Pale Blue   a) Normal   (1) Roulette
                                         (2) HH
                    av) Invert       (3) HH invert

Example of RR05 1c a(2)

2ct Carmine Rose  a)  Normal  (1) Roulette
                                                (2) HH

Example of RR05 2ct a(1)

Unlike the choice made by Chappell to list the handstamps of those companies that used printed cancels on the proprietary stamps, Fullerton did not include handstamps in his documentary printed cancels list.  Just for fun and a matter of record, here is a B&MRRin Nebraska handstamp:

RR010:  Chicago, Burlington & Kansas City Railway

From the historical information at the back of Fullerton's catalog:  Used CB&QRR tracks from Viola to Burlington (25miles) and Wabash, St. Louis & Pacific tracks from Moulton to Bloomfield.  Taken over by the CB&QRR (RR020) when it consisted of 228 miles of rail. 

One type only:  one line of plain type in caps and lower case letters 21.5mm long, caps 2mm high. Undated.

Type 1:  1 cent Pale Blue

                  a.  Normal     (1)  Roulette
                                       (2)  HH

Scan courtesy of Richard Friedberg

RR015: Chicago, Burlington & Northern Railroad

From the historical information at the back of Fullerton's catalog:  Chartered August 1 1885.  Road opened November 1, 1886.  550 miles covering Oregon, Ill. to St. Paul, MN, and Fulton to Savannah, IL.  Consolidated sometime after 1875 into the CB&QRR.

One type only:  One line of heavily serifed lettters all caps 2.75mm high and 20.5mm long, undated:

1c pale blue only,  roulette

Example of CB&NRR printed cancel courtesy of Tim Kohler

Below is an example of a CB&N handstamp:

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