Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Fullerton List: Railroad 30, The Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway

This post is part of a continuing series on Richard Fullerton's 1952 Catalog of Railroad Company, Street Railway, & Express Company Printed Cancellations on the 1898 U. S. Revenues:

RR030:  The Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway
Fullerton lists a single type for this cancel, on 3 different documentary values (1c, 2c, and 10c), with 6 collectable varieties:
Type 1: One line of plain type caps and lower case letters 21mm long.  Caps 3mm high.  Normally with vertical rectangular periods.  Undated.
1ct Pale Blue      a.   Normal    (1)  roulette
                                                (2) HH
                          as.  Varieties   (1) plate break in "&", roulette
Type 1, 1ct a.(2)
normal, hyphen hole
Note late 1902 usage
2ct Carmine Rose     a.  Normal   (1)  roulette
                                                    (2)  HH
Type 1, 2ct a.(1)
normal, roulette
note late date for roulette usage

Type 1, 2ct a.(2)
normal, hyphenhole

10ct Dark Brown     a.  Normal   (2)  HH
No example of this cancel on the 10c documentary available

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  1. 31 Oct 1900, is that the latest use of roulette you have seen John?

    Dave Thompson