Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Fullerton LIst: Railroad 20, The C, B. & Q. R. R., or the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad

This post is part of a continuing series on Richard Fullerton's 1952 Catalog of Railroad Company, Street Railway, & Express Company Printed Cancellations on the 1898 U.S. Revenues:

RR020:  The Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad

Fullerton lists three types of this cancel, with multiple varieties, especially of type one.

Type 1 includes cancels on both R163, the one cent documentary battleship, and R164, the two cent:
One line of plain type caps and lower case letters 20.5mm long, caps 4mm high.  Normally with elongated upright periods.  Undated.

1ct Pale Blue    a.  Normal  (1)  Roulette
                                           (2) HH
                        aw.  Double cancel  (2)  HH

                        as.  Varieties:   (1)  Low period after Co, roulette
                                               (2)  Low period after Co, HH
                                                (3) High period after Co, roulette
                                                (4) High period after Co, HH
                                                (5) Smeared period after Co, HH
                                                (6) Without period after Co, HH

RR020 Type 1, 1ct a.(1)
Normal, roulette

RR020 Type 1, 1ct as.(2)
Low Period, Hyphen Hole

RR020 Type 1, 1ct as.(6)?
No period(?), hyphen hole

Type 1 continued:
2ct Carmine Rose   a) Normal   (1) Roulette
                                                (2) HH
                             as) Varieties  (2) Low period after Co, HH

RR020 Type 1, 2ct a.(1)
Normal, hyphen hole

Two examples, above and below of:
low period, roulette - unlisted in Fullerton, necessitating a new number-
RR020 Type 1, 2ct as.(1)

Is the cancel below another unlisted cancel?  It appears to be a 2 cent roulette high period.  Or are my eyes fooling me.
Wow - a major color difference from the previous scans, which might have something to do with Frank Sente's scanner relative to mine.  This stamp comes from the following check, sent in by Frank:

Type 2:  One line of plain type caps 2mm high and 23.5mm long.  Undated.  Initials read R. R. CO.

1ct Pale Blue   a.  Normal   (2) HH
                       as. Varieties:           (2)  Two periods after 1st C, HH
                                                      (4)  Comma after 1st R of R.R., HH
                                                      (6)  Comma after O of CO, HH

RR020 Type 2, 1ct a. (2)
normal, hyphen hole

Example of CBQRR Handstamp:

C. B. & Q. R. R.

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