Monday, September 6, 2010

Cancel for September 6: George H. McFadden and Brother

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Geo. H. McFadden & Bro.

George H. McFadden and Brother was the largest cotton merchant in the United States during the Spanish American War period.  In 1868, George H. McFadden took over his father’s business and established “Geo. H. McFadden, Cotton Merchant”. 4 years later, the firm became “Geo. H. McFadden & Bro.”

The McFadden firm has been traded over the last 50 years by many larger firms with an interest in the cotton business.  In 1984, Valmac Industries sold McFadden to Dunavant Enterprises.  As best as I can tell, remaining McFadden interests are today controlled by Louis Dreyfus Commodities.

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