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The Fullerton List: A Catalog of Railroad Company , Street Railway Company and Express Company Printed Cancellations on the 1898 U.S. Revenues

In July 1952, Richard Fullerton of Dayton, Ohio, published a list of known printed cancellations on the battleship revenues by railroads and express companies.  By November of that year he had compiled an addendum of additional cancel types.  The cover to Eric Jackson's 1992 reprint of this list is above.  The reprint consists of a mere 13 pages of printed cancel listings, in keeping with the short collecting field of documentary printed cancels. 

Fullerton was aided in his list by some of the notable US revenue collectors of the time, including Morton Dean Joyce, Henry Tolman, and Clarence Chappell, among others. 

The list of proprietary printed cancels is endless in comparison to this list, but the printed cancels on the documentary stamps are at least as interesting and in some cases highly elusive.  In the coming days I will post scans of those cancels available to me from this list.

Fullerton limited his list to railroads, street railways and express companies.  He numbered each of the companies by 5s, leaving lots of room for new companies and their cancels in the case of new discoveries.  Those companies that made his list include:

Railroads (21):

RR 005 Burlington & Missouri River Railroad in Nebraska - 5 collectable types/varieties

RR 010 Chicago, Burlington & Kansas City Railway - 2 collectable types/varieties

RR 015 Chicago, Burlington & Northern - 1 collectable type/variety

RR 020 Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad Company - 18 collectable types/varieties

RR 025 Chicago, Fort Madison & Des Moines Railroad - 1 collectable type/variety

RR 030 Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway - 6 collectable types/varieties

RR 035 Chicago, North-Western Railway - 14 collectable types/varieties

RR 040 Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha Railway Company - 6 collectable types/varieties

RR 045 Fremont, Elkhorn & Missouri Valley Railroad - 9 collectable types/varieties

RR 050 Hannibal & St. Joseph Railroad - 3 collectable types/varieties

RR 055 International & Great Northern Railroad - 8 collectable types/varieties

RR 060 Kansas City, Fort Scott & Memphis Railway - 2 collectable types/varieties

RR 065 Kansas City, North Western Railroad Company - 1 collectable type/variety

RR 070 Kansas City, St. Joseph & Council Bluffs Railroad - 6 collectable types/varieties w/addendum

RR 075 Missouri Pacific Railway Company - 6 collectable types/varieties

RR 080 St. Louis, Iron Mountain & Southern Railway - 3 collectable types/varieties

RR 085 St. Louis, Keokuk & Northwestern Railroad - 8 collectable types/varieties

RR 090 St. Louis, Southwestern Railway Company - 2 collectable types/varieties

RR 095 St. Louis, Southwestern Railway Company of Texas - 2 collectable types/varieties

RR 100 Sioux City & Pacific Railroad - 2 collectable types/varieties

Street Railways (2):

SR 005 Detroit & Wyandotte  Street Railway Company - 1 collectable type

SR 010 Union Street Railway Company - 1 collectable type

Express Companies (3):

EX 005 Adams Express Company - 4 collectable types/dates

EX 010 American Express Company - multiple types/varities w/addendum

EX 015 National Express Company - 5 collectable types/dates

There are non-railway and express firms that used printed cancels on the documentary stamps, including financial firms.  The companies in Fullerton's list and those using printed cancels that are not listed will be explored in the coming days.

The Fullerton list reprint is available for purchase at Eric Jackson's web site.

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