Friday, May 6, 2011

The Fullerton List: Revisiting Express Company 005, Adams Express Company

This post is part of a continuing series on Richard Fullerton's 1952 Catalog of Railroad Company, Street Railway & Express Company Printed Cancellations on the 1898 U. S. Revenues.

Examples of the cancels, when available, are posted.

Express Company 005: Adams Express Company

This site's first Fullerton/Adams Express post was here on November 1, 2010.  Since then, Frank Sente has offered a scan of a stamp listed by Fullerton that was not in the original post.  This is an update to include that scan. 

Adams Express did not use printed cancels per se. These cancels listed by Fullerton were made by mimeography with a typed stencil, the same way my third grade teacher in 1971 would make our worksheets. The Joyce/Chappell lists for proprietary printed cancels also includes these mimeographed cancels.

Type 1: Four lines of mimeographed typewriter caps.

2ct Carmine Rose        a. Dated: Aug 12 1898 (1) Roulette

No scan available of this type

Type 2: Three lines of mimeographed typewriter caps.

2ct Carmine Rose    a. Dated: Aug 12 1898 (1) Roulette
                               b. Dated: Oct 25 1899 (1) Roulette
                               c. Dated: Nov 19 1900 (1) Roulette

EX005 Type 2 b.(1)
Richard Friedberg scan

EX005 Type 2 c.(1)
Frank Sente scan

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