Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cancel for May 15: Rolston & Bass

R & B punch out cancels with Rolston & Bass handstamp cancels
May 15, 1900

William H. Rolston, Walter A. Bass, and Edwin S. Hooley were the partners in the firm Rolston & Bass.  The partnership was reported as dissolved less than a year after these stamps were cancelled in a February 1, 1901 report by the New York Times.  In that same column announcing the news of the dissolution of the R&B firm was a report on the takeover of the Mobile & Ohio by the Southern Railway.  The memorandum sale below is for 100 shares of the Mobile & Ohio.  By 1901 the railroad would sell for $30 above the selling price in the memorandum.

Rolston & Bass were the New York-based "private wire" correspondents of the Boston brokerage Hornblower & Weeks.

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