Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bank Check Tax Paid with 4 R162 Gray Half Cent Battleships

This past Saturday I ran a post on a check from Dave Thompson written by a J. W. Grim of Harissonburg, Virginia, upon which Mr. Grim had applied a block of 4 half cent stamps.  I asked questions about how freqently this might have happened, and whether there might be other examples.  3 replies came in, with Frank Sente and Bob Patetta providing new examples. 

It seems that Mr. Grim frequently used half cent stamps on his checks, and did so over a long period of time.  Perhaps he was an insurance broker that sold lots of policies that required half cent stamps, and those were the stamps available in his office.  Whatever the case, here are two more examples:

Dave's check is from 1899, the top check from 1900, and bottom from 1901

The bottom check has a 2 cent documentary remnant.  Frank believes that the bank or someone from Barber & Perkins possibly placed the stamp on the front of the check, not noticing the half cent stamps on the reverse side.  The person then tried to remove the stamp.

The reverse sides of the checks above.

Does anybody out there know the story of Mr. Grim of Harissonburg, Virginia?

A non-J. W. Grim example

Reverse side, endorsed by Ethel Smith

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