Thursday, May 19, 2011

De'Coppet & Doremus Initial Punch Cancels

A few days ago I posted a stock memorandum of sale from Rolston & Bass.  The cancels were remarkable in that the stamps were punch cancelled with the initials R & B.  In the title portion of this website I've posted the 40 cent stamp with the De'Coppet and Doremus punched initials.  In the meantime I've acquired a couple of other fine D'C&D punch cancels.   All three stamps are below.  I remain in search of these type of cancels by Wall Street brokers.  To date I've seen them used by De'Coppet & Doremus, Rolston & Bass, and Wasserman Brothers.  Any more out there?

I guess that the initial punch cancel devices were hand made.  The letters are irregular, and the type above is distinctly different than the punch cancel used on the two stamps below.  The two bottom stamps were cancelled by the same device.

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