Friday, May 20, 2011

Battleship Listing Changes in the 2012 Scott Volume 1 and US Specialized Catalogs

In the April 18, 2011 edition of Linn's Stamp News, James Kloetzel, the editor of the Scott Catalog, announced listing changes for several parts of the 2012 catalog, including those for the first issue and battleship documentary and battleship proprietary revenues.  Mr. Kloetzel is only specific about changes to the first issue revenues, but it can be inferred that similar changes to the first issue will be made to the battleships.  For years we've had to read across columns to discern the differences between rouletted and slot perfed stamps.  That will now change to the format present in the front section of the catalog.  Presumably the HH listings will be placed below the rouletted listings for each value, and there will now be only two columns for unused and used values.

This past year I did not buy a catalog.  2012 would be a year to buy; the changes will make it a more interesting proposition to receive the new catalog.

The stated reason for this change in the listing style was done due to the requirements of a new database. 

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