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Cancel for December 15: The Pewabic Company

Author's Note 12/17/2010:  The original title of this of post was "The Pewaric Company."  I've scrutinized this cancel a bit more and decided to run a search on a different spelling.  "Pewabic" produced different results, leading to identification of the source of this cancel.  So this post has since been edited.

DEC  15  1898

On April 4, 1853, the Pewabic Mining Company was organized as a corporation for mining copper, under the laws of the state of Michigan.  The company expanded beyond Michigan and included assets in Iron Mountain, Missouri.  Around the time of this cancel the company employed approximately 600 people at their Iron Mountain minesl

Iron Mountain mining operations were large enough to spur the building of dedicated railroad lines into the region, including the St. Louis, Iron Mountain, and Southern Railway, which issued its own printed cancels as illustrated below.

A link to Iron Mountain history is included here. 

Iron Mountain was originally alleged to be a large mass of nearly solid iron.  While productive mining did exist at the site for many years, the mythology of the mountain's purity did not match reality.

Printed cancel for the
The StLIM&SRy was originally built to transport iron ore from Iron Mountain up to St. Louis.  Overtime it would expand and become part of Jay Gould's railroad empire.  Its remnants are now part of the Union Pacific.

William Moses Gould, the famous "Iron Mountain Baby." 

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