Friday, August 10, 2012

J. E. Soper & Company, Cotton Seed Meal

From:  Boston, Its Commerce, Finance & Literature, by A. F. Parsons Publishing, 1892:

E. SOPER & CO., Millers' Agents for Cotton Seed Meal, Shippers of Grain and Feed, Nos. 2 and 3 India Street.— Considered as a factor in the sum of: commercial activity, the importance of the grain and feed interest in this city can scarcely be over-estimated. The transactions in ear lots of corn, oats, etc., daily reach enormous proportions, and the volume of trade affords evidence of steady and substantial increase. Notable among Boston's representative firms engaged in the line indicated is that of J. E. Soper & Co., of Nos. 2 and 3 India St., and which for thirty-five years has been a prominent factor in the trade.

They are millers' agents for sale of cotton seed meal, and shippers of grain and feed, and make a leading specialty of cotton seed meal, of which they are the largest handlers in the United States. The firm which is composed of Messrs. J. E. Soper and H. B. Moore, occupy a well ordered office, connected by telephone, (2133;, and employ several clerks. They are agents for a number of western millers, and represent nearly all the cotton seed meal mills in the country, selling immense quantities of the latter in car and cargo lots. The house js conducted on strict business principles, while its management is characterized by liberal and honorable methods, and those having dealings with this solid and reliable firm are assured of finding the same of an entirely satisfactory character.

The trade of the concern is exceedingly large, extending throughout New England, New York State and the British provinces; and all orders for anything in the line above indicated (in car lots) are executed in the most prompt and trustworthy manner, at lowest possible figures, manufacturers' prices being quoted. Messrs. Soper and Moore, who are gentlemen of middle age and natives of Maine, are men of energy and sagacity as well as thorough business experience, highly regarded in comm,ercial circles, and are valued members of the Boston Chamber of Commerce.

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