Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Chicago Board of Trade Members: William Hood


Langlois scan

William Hood was noted as a broker in the 1900 list of CBOT members.  He was #4378.

I haven't found too much on Mr. William Hood.  However, his daughter, Alice, married Nikola Trbojevich, a nephew of Nikola Tesla and also an inventor of note, including the hypoid gear.  While the connection to the stamp above and the hypoid gear might be a stretch, I figured a little summary on this important invention would be edifying:

hypoid gear

Hypoid gears are found within the rear axle differential of some automobiles and trucks.  The gears allow for the transfer of torque 90 degrees.  From the Engineers Edge website: "Hypoid gears combine the rolling action and high tooth pressure of spiral bevels with the sliding action of worm gears."

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