Thursday, September 22, 2011

Auctions: Perfume Bottle with 1 7/8 Cent Proprietary Battleship

A reader of this site conducting research on the stamp attached to the bottom of the bottle sold in the above eBay auction drew my attention to this item.  The bottle was listed under Antiques...Perfume Bottles and Collectibles...Decorative Glass.  The item was not listed under revenue stamps.

A 1 7/8 cent stamp, especially a hyphen-hole copy like this one, is quite scarce if not very rare on a bottle like this.  The stamp is not in the greatest shape, but this type of stamp on its original bottle shouldn't be dinged too much for being a bit ragged.

The 1 7/8 cent stamp indicates that the original retail price for this bottle (with the perfume inside!) was between 50 and 75 cents.  Does anybody know the maker and the brand of this perfume?

The reader of this site that drew my attention to this bottle and stamp specializes in old glass bottles like this.  She wrote that this type of bottle would likely not have been used as a commercial bottle for perfume.  The stamp tells us otherwise, but could something else be happening that we don't know about?  She thinks the bottle might have been made by Reidel, but could also be the product of Moser, Baccarat, or Harrach.


Update September 24, 2011:  A perfume expert was consulted and the educated guess is that a perfume made by Lazell was sold in this bottle.  The same expert confirms that the stopper does not match the bottle, and was made in the 1920s for a Colgate product. 

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