Friday, March 11, 2011

Ongoing Projects

I have never taken a moment to list some of the open projects on this site.  More than a year ago the posts here began to examine and update sections of the Chappell/Joyce lists of printed cancels on the proprietary battleships.  Then a major development occurred after Frank Sente helped locate the Joyce/Buford data base of an expanded Joyce collection.  For months I've been musing over how to handle this avalanche of data for which we don't have access to the original stamps or scans.  So then a bunch of other projects came up, like posting Hermann Ivester's Scott Specialized St. Louis Provisionals article.  One thing led to another, and well, there are a pile of ongoing and unfinished projects. 

The nice thing about a blog is that subjects can stay open for years -- there is no publication deadline to worry about, and we can keep many projects as works in progress.  A list of those projects includes:
  • Updating the Chappell/Joyce lists of printed cancels on the proprietary battleships
  • Updating the Fullerton list of printed cancels on the documentary 1898 revenues
  • An ongoing discussion and presentation of plate markings and varieties
  • An ongoing presentation of on-document uses, especially by Frank Sente
  • An ongoing presentation of cancels on documentary stamps, matching the days date: a sort of modern, internet-style calendar
  • Ad-hoc online publication of 1898 revenue-related exhibits
There are probably a few more projects out there, but these are the big ones.  All of these are current, and will remain running themes or projects on this site. 

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