Friday, March 18, 2011

Ebay: 50 Copies of R154 Cancelled July 1, 1898 on a Bond

A spectacular example of 50 copies of R154 on document from the first day of use just sold on Ebay.  Listed by the seller without even a note that the document was cancelled on the first day, and indeed it appears as if each stamp has a July 1 handstamp cancel in blue, the item was clearly stalked by collectors that appreciated the fact.

The bid remained in the double digits for days; in the waning moments snipers came in to raise the final price to $787.  Obviously I watched this one, and figured it might go for a high price but this exceeded my estimate by about $200. 

Front cover of the bond from the Wisconsin Mutual Loan and Building Society in Milwaukee

This document would be a perfect addition to Len McMaster's one cent Franklin exhibit.

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