Monday, February 7, 2011

Used Half Cent Orange Documentary Battleships

Where do I start?  Bob Patetta just sent a truckload of R161, half cent orange battleship stamp scans, all used.  Bob has an impressive collection of these stamps.  I've included a few highlights, but over the next few weeks I will work on unpacking the scans in a little more depth.

The used orange documentary has a Scott italicized value.  Ostensibly, there is little to establish a solid valuation for the stamp, due to scarcity or otherwise.  Clearly, Bob has managed to accumulate a hefty collection of these, and I am glad he is willing to share them with us here.  Frank Sente has posted several of these stamps used on documents, but his census of these items amounts to a handful.  In Bob's collection we get a chance to see a few more of the used items, though off document.

For those of you that like to assist in identifying unknown initials, this will be your time. 

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