Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tetlow Manufacturing Company

Tetlow Manufacturing Company check
signed by Danel Tetlow

Following Bob Hohertz' post from yesterday on the Henry Tetlow Company, Frank Sente sent in the scan of this check from the the Tetlow Manufacturing Company, signed by Henry's younger brother Daniel.  Turns out that Daniel, a former partner in the Henry Tetlow firm, never liked his second fiddle position in the Henry Tetlow Company and decided to leave and form his own firm.  For years there would be two Tetlow firms, manufacturing similar articles. 

For a great summary of this story, go to Collecting Vintage Compacts:

"So, for the forty years or so between the mid 1880s and early 1920’s the company was plagued by the emergence of a second Philadelphia-based face powder manufacturer also named Tetlow. On the one hand there was Henry Tetlow with offices on the corner of 10th & Cherry Streets, Philadelphia as head of the now renamed Tetlow Toilet Powders & Perfumery Company. On the other hand there was Daniel Tetlow operating from 59 North Mascher Street, Philadelphia."

Check inset.  By 1898 Daniel Tetlow was located at 5 Chancery Lane.
R155 cancelled on September 6, 1898

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