Thursday, July 1, 2010

July 1, 1898: First Day of the War Tax, and Time to Print Cancels!

Some proprietary product manufacturers cancelled many stamps with the date of the first day of the tax period.  The firms H.E. Bucklin and Dr. Jayne and Sons clearly cancelled enough stamps with the date July 1, 1898, that they were using the stamps with those cancels far beyond the actual date of the cancel. 

Again, from the former collection of Henry Tolman are examples from these two companies.  Each of the pages below show only cancels from July 1, 1898, with multiple types from each company for July 1.  Mulitples for the Dr. Jayne and Son cancels show how multiple fonts were used within the same sheet.  

H. E. Bucklin  July 1, 1898 cancels

Dr. Jayne & Son  July 1, 1898 cancels

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