Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cancel for June 30: Argonaut Oil and Mining Company

AO&M Co.

Manuscript cancel of Ellis LeMaster, Secretary of the Argonaut Oil and Mining Company.  Stamp part of a block of 4 from a stock certificate.

Argonaut Oil and Mining Company block of 4 from original stock certificate.  The tax on stock transactions was 5 cents for each $100 of value of stock; $2.00 in documentary stamps would have paid the tax on $4000 worth of stock.  See the certificate below.

Full Stock Certificate.  Certificate can be viewed in full by clicking on the cert and downloading the image.
$2.00 in stamps paid the tax on the $4,000 transaction.


  1. Wow John! That's a great stock. Is it from Tolman's holdings or ??

    Thanks for putting it up.

  2. I think this came from an Ebay sale. It was definitely not a Tolman piece.