Sunday, June 13, 2010

Updating the Joyce/Chappell List: The Searle and Hereth Company

Immediately below is the Joyce list for Searle and Hereth printed cancels.  Joyce lists approximately 60 different collectible varieties.  However, it is clear from the stamps I possess and those held by others that there are many cancels and varieties unlisted by Joyce. 

Joyce/Chappell list two types of cancels, one type with only "S. & H. CO." in the first line, and a second type with "THE S & H CO" in the first line.  Both types are illustrated below:

S. & H. CO.
NOV.  6  1900

The cancel is a Joyce/Chappell Searle & Hereth Type 1
Type 1 on RB31 is unlisted by Joyce

MAR 25, 1901

The cancel is a Joyce/Chappell Searle and Hereth Type 2

This date on RB26 is unlisted by Joyce

Below are the Searle and Hereth pages from Henry Tolman's primary binders for his battleship proprietary printed cancels.  One example of an S&H handstamp is at the bottom of the second page.

Tolman's Searle and Hereth collection is a bit lean relative to the varieties listed by Joyce/Chappell, especially when many of the Tolman's stamps are unlisted by Joyce.  In the coming day I will post an updated excel file of the J/C list.

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