Monday, August 8, 2011

The Maltese Cross Cancel of R. P. Flower & Company

Dave Thompson scan

Roswell P. Flower was a powerful man in New York.  His political career included two stints in the US Congress and a term as Governor of New York.  He owned his own Wall Street banking house, R. P. Flower & Company, and was one of Wall Streets most aggressive market bulls. 

Just why R P Flower & Co used the crosses in their cancels I can't say, though I suppose if one wasn't so familiar with the military associations of the Maltese Cross then it could look a bit like a flower.

Roswell Pettibone Flower
1835 - 1899
US Congressman, New York, 1881 - 1883, 1889 - 1891
Governor of New York, 1892 - 1894

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