Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Imprinted Check for Use by the Jr. O.U.A.M.

The Junior O.U.A.M. is the Junior Order of the United American Mechanics, a group formed in 1853 to oppose immigration and promote reading of the Bible. The group founded orphan homes and offered fraternal insurance by 1899. At their peak around the beginning of the Twentieth Century they numbered several hundred thousand.

The Junior O.U.A.M. is still active today, though it appears that racial and sectarian restrictions on membership are no longer practiced. Their website does indicate that they now accept legal immigration as a route to citizenship, recognize the Constitution of the United States as the "defining instrument for governing our society," and believe that the Bible .."is the basis upon which our government is founded.." Their website is, and a short article on the original group is found at

They no longer seem to have a chapter in New Jersey - at least, there is no State council there.

One paragraph from their website struck me as worth repeating: "It's always important for us to remember that ...'Good judgment often comes from a lot of bad judgment.' America has had her share of bad judgment. I pray that we're beyond many of the troublesome periods in America, and we pray for mercy not justice."

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