Sunday, August 14, 2011

Chicago Burlington and Quincy Printed Cancel Type I Varieties

The Fullerton List lists 3 types of printed cancels for the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad.  Recently I've acquired a couple hundred or so Type Is.  Over 90% of these are hyphen perforated stamps, with a majority of those having handstamped dates from 1902. 

These have all been sorted and inspected for any major subtypes.  The most significant variety identified can be seen clearly in the two stamps below.  The variety is significant because of the extent of the damage to the letters C and B in the cancel, and even moreso due to the variety's persistence.

The stamp immediately below is from April 1901; the subsequent stamp is from May 1902.  The damage to the cancelling device for this position changes somewhat over the 13 month time, but it is clear that these two stamps were cancelled by the same position.  Of course date of use does not necessarily correlate with the time these stamps were cancelled.  However, the CB&QRR was one of the largest users of printed cancels and it is unlikely that stocks of cancelled sheets stayed around for very long. 

C., B. & Q. R. R. Co.
APR  24  1901

Bottom and top of C damaged.  Though damaged, the top of C remains curved.  A bite out of the bottom loop of the B is damaged


C., B. & Q. R. R. Co.
MAY  29  1902

The condition of the B on this cancel is nearly identical to the stamp above this one.  The C, however, has changed over time.  The top of the C has straightened out and looks more like the Greek letter gamma, Γ.

Mr. Fullerton did not include this variety in his list.  In addition to these two stamps I have 5 more examples of the variety.  A future listing might include this variety.

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