Sunday, March 7, 2010

Cancel for March 7: Union Pacific Coal Company - Carbon Store

MAR    7    XXXX

Payment voucher from the Union Pacific's Carbon, Wyoming
Store for a "copying press"

The Union Pacific Coal Company operated in the town of Carbon, Wyoming, where it maintained a company store.  By 1902 the town of Carbon is reported to have been abandoned after a fire a decade earlier and the rerouting of the railroad. 

The Union Pacific Coal Company was founded in 1874 as the "Coal Department" of the Union Pacific Railway.  Up to 1874, the Wyoming Coal and Mining Company had been selling overpriced coal to the UP.  Although the UP owned the mineral rights along its right of way, it did not mine its own coal and was dependent on the private and independent firm of Wyoming coal. 

Today the Union Pacific is the largest railroad system in the United States.

Photo of Carbon, Wyoming, unknown date

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