Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cancel for March 21: A. M. Kidder & Company

A.  M.  KIDDER  &  CO.

At the time of this cancel, A.M. Kidder was a major handler and marketer of railroad securities.

Founded in 1865 as Kidder, Hinckley, and Warren, securities firm Kidder ceased operations when its assets were sold off in 1963.  It was one of Wall Streets largest and oldest NYSE member firms when it closed.  Kidder became the first Wall Street firm to have a female Chairman of the Boad and President when Josephine Bay was named to these posts in 1956.  Within one year of her death from Leukemia her successor, C. Michael Paul, sold Kidder to the NYSE firms Reynolds and Company and Francis I. DuPont and Company.

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