Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cancel for January 6: New York Produce Exchange Bank

JAN  6   1898

Quick New York Produce and Exchange Bank timeline:
1883  Establishment of the New Produce Exchange Bank
01/01/1920 Converts to  New York Produce Exchange National Bank
06/01/1920 Merge To Mechanics & Metals Natl Bank of the City of NY
04/01/1926 Merge To Chase National Bank of the City of New York
03/01/1955 Merge To State President and Directors of the Manhattan Company
03/01/1955 Name Change To Chase Manhattan Bank,
07/14/1996 Merge To State Chemical Bank
07/14/1996 Name Change To Chase Manhattan Bank
11/13/2004 Converts to  JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association

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