Saturday, April 3, 2010

Milestone Coverage of 1898 Revenues

OK, it is small I know.  But today an article on a non-philatelic website has been posted about this blog.  You can find it at   On March 18 on this site the stamp and cancel below were featured:

Mr. Webb was a prominent citizen of Madison, New Jersey, and this fact was of interest to and the website's specialized coverage of New Jersey.  While this historical association is interesting to me, more interesting are the opportunities apparent in this coverage for advancing people's exposure to revenue stamps. 

Screen capture of article

The revenue collector's world is a contracting one, but it doesn't need to stay this way.  About three years ago I joined the American Revenue Association.  I was assigned the number 6978.  In the January-February 2010 issue of the American Revenuer, new member number 7054 was just assigned.  Yikes.  76 new members in 3 years.  I would have to guess attrition is taking its toll.  How might new collectors be attracted to the hobby, and what might make them join the ARA?

Collectors in this field need to be positive, use the latest technology, and highlight what attracts us to the hobby.    How did find this site, and why was the author of the piece so upbeat? 

I am absolutely certain of the compelling quality of US revenue stamps, so long as history is a focus and all of us in the hobby are positive diplomats.  Welcome to this site if you are visitor, and think about what you can to do promote the hobby if you are an existing collector.

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