Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cancel for April 24: Northern Ohio Railway

APR24  19000

The Northern Ohio Railway ran from Akron, Ohio to Delphos, Ohio.  The line was under long term lease to the Lake Erie and Western Railroad Company which controlled its operations through ownership of its common stock.


  1. I have an 1898 Documentary Revenue Stamp from the Erie Railroad Company attached to the original document bearing the date of October 8, 1898. Cancel Mark is from Cleveland, Ohio. Can you tell me any more about this? I can send a scan of the stamp/document. The stamp appears to be in excellent condition but the document is ripped along the left side as if torn from a book as a receipt.

  2. Hi Rose Mary. Please send a scan to my email address, What denomination is the stamp, 1 cent, 2 cent or other? The stamp itself isn't worth too much. The stamp on the document does have some value to a collector like me. Once I see the document I can tell you more about what its probable use was.