Monday, April 12, 2010

G. H. Mumm Printed Cancels: Joyce Type 1, or Year date only 1898 or 1899 cancels

This is part one of a breakdown of the Joyce G.H. Mumm cancel list.   See the post from April 6 to read the background on this list.  Below is a snippet from the list of the the type 1 description and the list of the three collectible possibilities with this cancel type.

 The images below account for all the collectible possibilites of type 1 according to Joyce, with the addition of a second shade of brown on the 2 cent stamp cancelled 1898.

1c 1898 red ink, roulette

2c 1898 blue ink, roulette

2c 1898 blue ink, roulette
different shade of brown than the more common shade above

2c 1899 blue ink, roulette

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