Sunday, April 18, 2010

De'Coppet and Doremus Perf Initials on 40 Cent Hyphen Hole

D ' C & D
perf initials for
De'Coppet & Doremus
R170p blue lilac documentary

On November 11th this site featured a pair of 5 cent documentary stamps with handstamp cancels from the Wall Street firm De'Coppet and Doremus.  Here is an equally if not more interesting D'C&D cancel, this time on a 40 cent documentary hyphen hole battleship. 

The 40 cent documentary hyphen hole is one of the few stamps in the battleship set that commands any sort of real premium, and perforated initials of this sort are seldom seen.  The 2010 Scott Catalog prices a used cut canceled R170p at $12.50, while the uncut goes for $30.00. 

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