Monday, April 5, 2010

Cancel for April 5: The Lorain Steel Company; Welcome to Readers of Stamp Collecting Round-up

Thanks to Don Schilling for his post about this blog on his blog, The Stamp Collecting Round-up, and welcome to his readers stopping by to visit.  If you have never visited this site before, please browse the index in the left column of all the posts on this site going back for a year, or just scroll down from here to see the last 21 posts. 

This site is dedicated to the US revenue stamps of the 1898 series which were issued to help pay the costs of the Spanish American War.  The period was an exciting time in US history, with major industrial and financial growth reflected in the cancels on the documentary series, and major "snake-oil" pharmaceutical purveyors showing up on the cancels of the proprietary series.  You will find lots of those cancels here. 

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