Friday, September 21, 2012

Chicago Board of Trade Members: Philip Benz & Company

P. B. & Co.
AUG  10  1898

Langlois scan

This stamp was in a packet in which all the stamps with readily identifiable cancels were made by members and firms of the Chicago Board of Trade.  Making the assumption that this stamp too was soaked from a CBOT contract or sale memorandum, the one firm in the membership list of 1900 that fits this initial pattern is that of Philip Benz & Company. 

The commission firm of Philip Benz & Company had two members of the CBOT with the last name Benz:

CBOT #114 Philip Benz
CBOT #5774 Emil P. Benz

Philip Benz had a very low member number and must have been one of the CBOT's earliest members.

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